Adrian Peterson considering retirement, Olympic bid

The Minnesota Vikings’ star might quit football to train for Olympic sprinting events.

Adrian Peterson was so disappointed with the NFL’s decision to deny his appeal for reinstatement that the 29-year-old running back said he considered retiring in an interview with ESPN. What would Peterson do in his spare time? The 2012 MVP said he would like to start training for the Olympics, where he would hope to compete in the 200-meter and 400-meter dashes.

Peterson believes the NFL is making an example of out of him after the league reinstated Ravens’ running back Ray Rice earlier this year for also violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

“Of course I’d miss it. It’s my first love. But the reason I would be walking away from it would be (if the next steps in the process) kind of solidify that hurt from these incidents. I would know that, ‘Hey, you’re walking away not because you’ve given up. You’re walking away because they’re handling you all the way wrong in this situation. They’re painting you out to be a guy that you’re not.’”

Peterson will be suspended until at least April of 2015, one month after the calendar flips to a new NFL season. He’s under contract with the Minnesota Vikings next season to count for $15 million against the salary cap.

Peterson has said he feels “absolutely wronged” by the decision of arbitrator Harold Henderson on Friday, which he plans to appeal in federal court.

Peterson was suspended after allegations of child abuse became national news earlier this season. He was indicted by a grand jury in September for disciplining his 4-year-old son with a switch and pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault.

The Vikings currently have a 6-7 record.

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