5-year-old tries to save UAB football with $1

As this lovely ESPN story explains it, 5-year-old Ohioan/Ohio State fan Bennett Williams started rooting for UAB football this year when he decided he liked the Dragons logo, which is a very legit reason to become a fan. Of course, it was an unfortunate choice, because UAB’s football program reached its heartbreaking end earlier this month. Young Bennett took matters into his own hands:

My five year old son feels bad for @UAB_Football so he wrote this tonight and is sending it to them #FreeUAB pic.twitter.com/NegpWuCLiJ

— B-Will (@BWill614) December 10, 2014

The little show of support heartened UAB officials and staff feeling despondent after the shutdown, and they responded by shaking the five-year-old down for more dollars sending Bennett a letter and a whole package of UAB goods:

Big thanks @UAB_Football @UABathletics for the pkg! Bennett was so happy! Check out your #1 fan from Ohio #FreeUAB pic.twitter.com/XC39jCqbVu

— B-Will (@BWill614) December 15, 2014

Not a bad return for a dollar! The full story is really nice all around. A sweet silver lining to a turn of events that’s been grim for everyone involved.

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