5 percent of Heisman voters ignored Marcus Mariota. What do you think those ballots looked like?

The Oregon quarterback dominated the country in passer rating while leading his team to a No. 2 spot in the Playoff, but some voters found no room for him on their ballots.

Oregon QB Marcus Mariota swept all five voting regions and broke one Heisman record Saturday night, appearing on 95.2 percent of this year’s 894 ballots. He almost broke another, as his 90.9 percent margin of victory stands second only to 2006 Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith’s 91.6 percent.

But, wait … 95.2 percent is fewer than 100 percent …

Of 894 voters, 10 didn’t have Mariota on their @HeismanTrophy ballot.

— Ivan Maisel (@Ivan_Maisel) December 14, 2014

It’s impossible to get 89 people to agree on anything in the world, let alone 894 people, but you do have to wonder what those 10 people were thinking. You could make a case for another player at No. 1, but what’s the argument for there being three more Heisman-worthy players than Mariota?

Here’s an uneducated guess as to what those 10 Heisman ballots looked like. Some are fairer than others.

  1. Adidas; Russell Athletic; ewww Nike yuck Nike makes you slow and ugly and mean ewww
  2. Mike Rozier’s suit; Mike Rozier; Mike Rozier’s hat
  3. Bryce Petty; Ken Starr; Dr Pepper (Petty did receive a first-place vote!)
  4. The U; Trick Daddy; The U Part 2
  5. Refusing to acknowledge Hawaii is a state; where is his birth certificate?; not so sure about the statehood of Oregon for that matter
  6. Georgia Tech quarterbacks always winning the Heisman in NCAA 14; Johnny Manziel winning it for his fourth time as a redshirt senior in NCAA 14; all your defensive players winning the Nagurski in NCAA 14 if you simulate too many plays because they’ll all have millions of tackles for loss
  7. John Heisman; John Heisman ascended from the grave to reclaim his trophy; John Heisman storming New York City with eyes afire
  8. East Coast bias; being too sleepy at 9 p.m. ET to watch sports; reading about Ivy League hockey in the Boston Herald
  9. Swans; geese; not ducks
  10. Certainly not any offensive linemen; almost no defensive players; every quarterback besides uhh Marcus Mariota
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