49ers vs. Seahawks final score: 3 things we learned from the Seahawks’ 17-7 win

The Seahawks turned the lights off on the 49ers’ season. Here are three things we learned.

Whatever early momentum the San Francisco 49ers seemingly had was quickly sapped Sunday by a Seattle Seahawks offense that was methodical and a defense that was stifling. The 49ers needed a win for a last-gasp run at a wild card bid but fell short in a 17-7 loss to Seattle.

The 49ers held a meager 7-3 lead for most of the game. The running game was effective against a stout Seattle front. For the game, it managed 140 yards on the ground, and that was with Frank Gore and Carlos Hyde going down with injuries. As has been the case for the last several weeks, however, the passing game did little. Colin Kaepernick went 11-for-19 for 141 yards.

The Seahawks’ offense wasn’t any better for most of the game. The 49ers’ defense was stout, holding Russell Wilson to 12-for-24 passing for 168 yards, and keeping Marshawn Lynch bottled up in the first half. Gains of 2 and 3 yards became 4- and 5-yarders in the second half, however. Lynch gained 76 yards after halftime after picking up 15 in the first half, and Robert Turbin and Wilson combined for another 60 yards on the ground.

Three things we learned:

1) The Seahawks want to destroy your soul

Watching the Seahawks play is exhausting. The defense isn’t forcing turnovers at the same rate it did last season, but it still ranks No. 1 in total defense. That’s more than enough to support an offense that prides itself on being suffocating. The Seahawks entered the game ranked first in the NFL in rushing yards and rushing yards per game. They love to run you over and — worse — they’re really good at it.

The Seahawks also rarely make mistakes, entering Sunday’s game with just 11 giveaways, the second fewest in the league. The sum is a team that demands perfection to be beaten, because one slip-up can mean you’re not getting the ball back for the rest of the quarter as the offense grinds out yards.

The Seahawks are in great shape heading into the final two weeks of the season.

2) The 49ers can pack it in

With the loss, the 49ers drop to 7-7 on the season and can kiss the playoffs goodbye after the Detroit Lions won Sunday, eliminating mathematical hope of a wild card bid. It’s hard to say where things went wrong. The 49ers looked okay after reeling off three straight wins against quality opponents — the Eagles, Chiefs and Rams — early in the year. Then the dam broke in a blowout loss to the Denver Broncos. Rumors of “Jim Harbaugh to [Insert football team]” took root, injuries became too much to bear, and a once-promising quarterback began to struggle.

So this is probably the end of the Harbaugh era. It’s hard to say why exactly it went south, but it feels like everyone involved is ready to move on.

3) One call can change everything

There will be A LOT of debate about this roughing the passer call against the 49ers after they had seemingly stopped the Seahawks on third down inside the red zone in the fourth quarter: rss

Whether it was the right call, it certainly had an enormous impact on the game. Instead of forcing a field goal, which would have kept the game within one score for the 49ers, the Seahawks got a fresh set of downs and scored a touchdown on the next play to make the score 17-7.

An apology would be no consolation to 49ers fans, at this point.

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