49ers stadium Jumbotron shows Michigan fans with COME HOME HARBAUGH sign

Nothing to see here, just an NFL team making sure everybody in the stadium sees fans begging for the coach to leave and coach another team.

You’re familiar with the Jim Harbaugh saga, right? Well, anyway, during Saturday night’s 49ers-Chargers game, these two apparently ended up on the Levi’s Stadium Jumbotron:

These #49ers fans were on jumbo-tron with “CoMe HoMe JiM” signs. ‘M’ is emphasized for obvious reason. pic.twitter.com/U4WBYc5f8h

— Ryan Sakamoto (@SakamotoRyan) December 21, 2014

(Side note: Really, “Ann Arbaughr?” I guess “Ann Harbaugh” would sound weird.)

So, yeah. The Niners’ stadium staff presumably pick the stuff that goes on the big screen, and they ended up showing a pair of people asking the Niners’ coach to leave and go someplace else. that is weird.

We don’t have any pictures of the pair on the scoreboard, but there were a cascade of tweets from the stadium about a similar sign:

Levi’s scoreboard just showed a fan holding a “Come HoMe Harbaugh” sign with the M in home capitalized as the Michigan M. I kid you not.

— Alex Simon (@alexsimon99) December 21, 2014

The #49ers crew just showed fans with a sign saying “CoMe Home Harbaugh.” The ‘M’ was the Michigan logo.

— Ryan Sakamoto (@SakamotoRyan) December 21, 2014

Did anyone else see that “CoMe Home Harbaugh” sign in the stands? The “M” being the Michigan logo.. Or was it just me? #ComeHomeHarbaugh

— Kristen Davis (@krstndvs6) December 21, 2014

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