Jonathon Banks vs. Seth Mitchell

Heavyweight Seth Mitchell looks to right the ship and get back on track in this rematch against Jonathon Banks. Banks and Mitchell first squared off back in late 2012 and it was Banks who scored the shocking second round upset to derail Mitchell’s plans of facing a Klitschko in the near future. Banks had a rematch clause when the two fighters signed the first contract, so after an injury delay we are now getting the rematch.
There once was a time where heavyweight boxing was must see TV in the United States. However, there has not been a marketable US heavyweight since the days of Mike Tyson, though many have tried to fit that bill. Seth Mitchell was considered the top US heavyweight prospect by many despite his lack of boxing background. The former Michigan State football player possesses massive power in both hands despite not always having the proper technique. Mitchell was being hyped up as the future of US heavyweight boxing but that dream came crumbling down with the 2nd round TKO loss to Jonathon Banks. The first fight was a slugfest in which Mitchell’s lack of boxing knowledge ended up costing him dearly. Mitchell was knocked down 3 times in the fight and instead of holding on to Banks and regaining his composure, he tried to fight back, which ultimately led to the fight being stopped. This is a very important and pivotal fight for Mitchell as he tries to regain the luster that was lost from his first fight with Banks.
Much of the talk leading into the first Mitchell-Banks fight was whether Jonathon Banks spent enough time training for his own fight or was he preoccupied training Wladimir Klitschko? Banks took over being head trainer for Wladimir whenever the late Emanuel Steward passed away prior to his contest with Mariusz Wach. That wouldn’t have been a big issue for Banks, except for the fact that his own fight with Mitchell was a week later. Banks explained how he would train Wladimir in the morning, then have his own training camp and then repeat the same in the afternoon. Banks helped guide Wladimir to an easy victory over Wach and then wound up pulling off quite the upset against Mitchell. Banks was able to use his superior boxing knowledge and stuck to his game plan while hurting Mitchell throughout the 2 rounds. Another victory over Mitchell would propel Banks into a very nice spot in what is becoming an increasingly interesting heavyweight division.
When looking at rematches I like to revisit the first fight and see what the fighter that lost could have done differently. However, in this case I am not really sure what Mitchell can do differently that is going to change the outcome. Banks has been around boxing his whole life and has a massive advantage in knowing what to do in the ring as well as executing his game plan. Mitchell surely has the power to end the fight in one punch but his lack of technique hurts him whenever he gets goes against the upper echelon in the division. I am having a hard time leaning any other way then another Banks victory but this isn’t a fight that I would suggest putting a lot of money on.

Jonathon Banks -110 Seth Mitchell

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