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The wide out position in fantasy football has become more and more important over the years, especially in points per reception leagues.  You’re going to see wide receivers going off the draft board earlier than in years past as some teams have loaded up their passing attacks this off-season.  Here are my top ten fantasy wide receivers.

1.  Andre Johnson- Houston Texans- Andre is hands down the best wide receiver that the NFL has seen in the past 7 years.  Johnson’s production on the field has translated into big time fantasy points and you can ask any previous owner of Johnson that he is the man at wide receiver.  What has brought Johnson to the number one wide receiver in the NFL is consistency and consistency is huge in fantasy football.  This guy is going to go out every week and put up a bunch fantasy points for you and then Johnson will have one of his huge games that makes proud that you picked him with your number two pick in the draft.  If Johnson is available, grab him.  You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.

Stats Prediction- 101 rec, 1,550 rec yds, 12 TD’s

2.  Calvin Johnson- Detroit Lions- The other Johnson takes the number two spot on my list for a couple of reasons.  The first reason is that it doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball to Calvin, he’s going to catch it and run for some big plays.  Last year in Detroit after Matthew Stafford went down he proved that it didn’t matter who his quarterback was, Calvin was going to do Calvin’s thing.  The second reason is that Matthew Stafford is going to be his starting quarterback.  Stafford is entering his third year in the league and this usually the time when young quarterbacks start to show their stuff.  Expect Stafford and Calvin Johnson to hookup for a bunch of touchdowns this season.

Stats Prediction- 93 rec, 1,375 rec yds, 13 TD’s

3.  Larry Fitzgerald- Arizona Cardinals- Larry finally has got a legitimate quarterback in Arizona with Kevin Kolb.  Fitz is third on this list but he is just as good of a fantasy option as the other two Johnson boys.  There’s not much to say about Larry other than he’s going to beat corners when they cover him one on one and break down the defense.  If Kolb can throw the ball towards Larry at least 10 times a game there’s no doubt in my mind that he could end the season as the number one receiver in the league.  Don’t be afraid to take Fitz with one of your top picks as he can be a big time contributor to your squad.

Stats Prediction- 95 rec, 1,325 rec, yds 9 TD’s

4.  Hakeem Nicks- New York Giants- Nicks is one of the NFL’s rising young stars at the wide out position and that’s what we fantasy owners like to hear.  Think of Randy Moss in Minnesota when you watch Nicks this season.  With his size, speed and hands Hakeem is going to be a lot to handle for opposing defenses.  The only speed bump I see this season for Nicks is that he’s got to go up against Nnamdi Asomugha twice, but other than that I expect a breakout season for Nicks.  Eli Manning is going to love throwing the ball Nicks’ way, so he’ll get a ton of looks.  Don’t pass Nicks up this season as he’s going to rise to the cream of the crop by season’s end.

Stat’s Prediction- 83 rec, 1,325 rec yds, 8 TD’s

5.  Reggie Wayne- Indianapolis Colts- Reggie is just like Andre Johnson in the consistency department.  Wayne’s going to go out there every week and get his 6 to 7 receptions for around 100 yards.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Reggie have big year as the veteran has really learned to run routes better and with Peyton Manning at quarterback, anyone is going to have some nice numbers at the end of the season.  Reggie may fly under the radar in some drafts because he’s not as flashy as say Calvin Johnson or DeSean Jackson but he’s definitely a fantasy starter every week.

Stats Prediction- 103 rec, 1,275 rec yds, 6 TD’s

6.  Roddy White- Atlanta Falcons-  Roddy shouldn’t be this low on my list of top fantasy wide receivers but Atlanta has so many weapons that I’m afraid he might not get the looks he did last year.  But with that being said, when White does catch the ball expect him to break for some highlight reel plays.  With Julio Jones as Atlanta’s number two receiver, it’s going to be hard for defenses to stop both Jones and White.  When Roddy is in single coverage its game over.  Roddy is going to tear apart mediocre corners and take the ball to the house a number of times this season.  Matt Ryan has got a lot of weapons around him but White is his favorite option and that’s good news for anyone who drafts White.  White is a solid pick wherever you draft him.

Stats Prediction- 75 rec, 1,250 rec yds, 11 TD’s

7.  Miles Austin- Dallas Cowboys- Austin is Tony Romo’s number one target at wide receiver after the Cowboys let loose Roy Williams.  Miles proved that he can handle being that number one wide receiver the past two seasons and I expect him to put up similar numbers this season.  Miles is very dynamic at the wide out position showing that he can run routes well and break some big runs after the catch (yards after the catch is a huge stat in fantasy football).  Look for Austin to get a lot of receptions this season.  The only issue I see with picking Austin with one of your top picks is that Jason Witten will produce at the tight end position.  Still, Austin is going to be starting every week which will turn into fantasy points some way or another.

Stats Prediction- 80 rec, 1,190 rec yd’s, 5 TD’s

8.  Greg Jennings- Green Bay Packers- Fresh off a Super Bowl win, Jennings is Aaron Rodgers number option in Green Bay.  Jennings has a couple receivers around him that will get their looks but Greg is the main man in Green Bay right now.  Greg is another receiver who you can count on to go out every week and get you a good amount of fantasy points.  With the progression of Aaron Rodgers passing I can only see Jennings numbers getting better and better as the season goes on.  I would take him with your 5th or 6th pick in the draft if he’s available.

Stats Prediction- 85 rec, 1,200 rec yds, 10 TD’s

9.  Dwayne Bowe- Kansas City Chiefs- Bowe is going to have a big fantasy season this year.  Kansas City’s offense is starting to bloom into a flower and Bowe has got his head on straight now after some issues.  Matt Cassel is going to look for Bowe’s huge frame in the red zone, so expect a bunch of touchdowns from Dwayne.  I’ve liked Bowe’s skill set ever since he was drafted and now that he’s strictly focused beating up on corners his fantasy numbers are going to look pretty sweet at the end of the season.

Stats Prediction- 87 rec, 1,300 rec yds, 16 TD’s

10.  DeSean Jackson- Philadelphia Eagles- DeSean is the NFL’s biggest playmaker and the most amusing player to watch when the ball is in his hands.  Jackson‘s speed is second to none as we’ve seen him torch cornerbacks all of last season.  The ball is going to get spread around a lot in Philadelphia but Jackson is going to get his looks.  Once the ball is in Jackson’s hands its fantasy points without a doubt.  As long as DeSean gets his looks he’s a great option at the wide out position every week.

Stats Prediction- 55 rec, 1,125 rec yds, 8 TD’s

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