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Everyone needs a kicker in fantasy football.  Now it’s not likely that you’re going to draft a kicker with one of your picks.  Rather you’ll be racing to your computer to grab the best available kicker the day after the draft.  You’ll also see that you may go through a number of different kickers throughout the fantasy season.  Here’s my list of the top ten fantasy kickers for 2011.

1.  Sebastian Janikowski- Oakland Raiders- The Raiders aren’t going to be in the red zone very often this season and that’s why Janikowski is my number one fantasy kicker.  When the Raiders offense can’t get the end-zone you can bet that Sebastian is going to be kicking a lot of field goals.  What separates Sebastian from all of the other kickers is that he’s got a huge leg.  Janikowski hit 12 fields goals over 40 yards last season.

2.  Nate Kaeding- San Diego Chargers- Kaeding is going to benefit from the Chargers offense as they always seem to get the ball into field goal range.  Whether Kaeding is kicking from 40 yards or 15 yards out, he’s going to put up fantasy points.  Plus the Chargers find the end-zone a lot and those points after touchdowns are going to add up and help out your fantasy squad.

3.  Mason Crosby- Green Bay Packers- Mason made 46 PAT’s last season and you can that can attest to the Packers offense scoring so often.  Crosby made 10 field goals from 40 plus yards last season and I don’t see Crosby’s production dropping this season.  Mason is going to be starting on your fantasy team every week and is one of the kickers that you may have on you team the entire season.

4.  Alex Henery- Philadelphia Eagles- Henery is a rookie but you can bet that Alex is going to have a big fantasy season.  The Eagles put up a lot of points so Henery will have a bunch of PAT’s.  To go along with the PAT’s, Alex will be in field goal range a lot because the Eagles do move the ball down the field consistently.  Henery is another kicker that may be on your fantasy squad for the entire season.

5.  Rob Bironas- Tennessee Titans- Bironas had the second most fantasy points for kickers last season and it looks like he’ll be right up there again this year.  With an upgraded offense the Titans are going to be in field goal range more often.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bironas go over 160 fantasy points this season.

6.  Garrett Hartley- New Orleans Saints- Hartley has the luxury of kicking in a dome on Astroturf.  To go along with that the Saints offense is constant in field goal range so if they can’t put the ball in the end-zone Hartley is going to be teeing the ball up and putting it through the uprights.

7.  Stephen Gostkowski- New England Patriots- Gostkowski’s season was cut short last year due to an injury.  Now he’s back and healthy and ready to kick for the Patriots.  New England is always finding their way into field goal range and Gostkowski has got the leg to hit field goals from anywhere.  Stephen is a reliable kicker that will put up fantasy points for you team each week.

8.  Adam Vinatieri- Indianapolis Colts- Vinatieri is another kicker that benefits from kicking in a dome on Astroturf.  Adam has always been a solid fantasy kicker and previous fantasy owners will tell you that he’s a kicker that you can count on to put up fantasy points.  The Colts offense looks like they are going to have a big year and that means a lot of PAT’s for Vinatieri and that translates into fantasy points.

9.  David Akers- San Francisco 49ers- After leaving Philadelphia Akers goes to the 49ers who don’t score a lot leaving a void to be filled for points.  Akers is known for hitting field goals from way out and is consistent.  When San Francisco isn’t scoring touchdowns, Akers will be hitting field goals and that means more fantasy points for you team.

10.  Matt Bryant- Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons are going to score a lot of touchdowns this season.  With all of those touchdowns that I’m predicting there are going to be a lot of PAT’s.  Though they are only worth one point, they do add up. When the Falcons can’t put the ball in the end-zone, Bryant is reliable enough to hit 30 yard field goals.  Not a bad fantasy option at the kicker spot this season.

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