New York Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles meet in their final 2011 preseason games.  The Eagles are -2 point favorites over the Jets with an over/under point total set at 36.

With it being week four of the preseason and no real predictability as to who is going to play and how much, these plays are simply based on hunches as to what we might see and therefore they are just leans and there will be no premium NFL picks this week. We will be back in full force with the NFL next week for the opening week.

The New York Jets have only one goal this season and that’s the Super Bowl after falling just short a year ago. Whether the jets have what it takes to get there or if they take a step backwards remains to be seen but in general it is much easier for teams to move backwards when there is only one place left to go forward. The offensive success will ride on mark Sanchez as with the Jets running game and defense, it should leave Sanchez with plenty of opportunities that if he fails to take advantage of them and makes mistakes, it will make the difference between the Jets achieving their goal or another disappointment. For this game we won’t be seeing Sanchez, Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holes, LaDanian Tomlinson Darelle Revis or any of the other Jets’ stars, instead it will be Greg McElroy and a bunch of players looking to make the roster or at the very least the practice squad. Even with the stakes as low for this one as they can go, I don’t see Rex Ryan ready to lay down for anyone.

The Philadelphia Eagles are loaded and while they are being referred to as the “Dream Team” by some, they know they are anything but and those types of labels are earned on the field. The Eagles decided their future when they signed Michael Vick for six more years and that is the direction of the franchise and with the way Vick has performed; it’s not a bad direction to be headed. In this one though we won’t see Vick, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Nmandi Asomugha or any of the other stars, the closest well get are Mike Kafka and Dion Lewis, actually players who we may see a lot of someday. In any event, Andy Reid’s team is also a contender and while the Eagles get better at the top of their depth chart, they got a lot better at the lower levels as well.

I have been impressed by the Jets defense all preseason but the Eagles are simply the better and deeper team here. Expect an exciting game but not the best played one but I just like Philly’s depth chart more.  Take the Eagles minus the 2.


Philadelphia Eagles -2 New York Jets

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