Fantasy Football Sleepers

Marshawn Lynch, Running Back, Seattle Seahawks-

The nice thing about being on a team with no QB is that if you are the running back you are going to get the ball a ton and Lynch figures to get it that much. Of course since the QB can’t throw accurately downfield Lynch should figure in the short passing game as well.

Jay Cutler, Quarterback, Chicago Bears-

No one has been a bigger basher of Jay Cutler over the years than I have. My trashing of Cutler’s over rated play at Vandy, the Broncos draft day trade up to get him and of course the trade by the Bears to get him are all well documented. Cutler has been sacked a ton in Chicago, has turned the ball over, and of course now carries the wimp tag. Here’s the angle on Cutler this year: last year the Bears brought in Lovie Smith’s old buddy Mike Martz who he worked with during the Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf” days and while they put Martz’s system in they didn’t fully commit. Make no mistake about it, the trading of Greg Olsen to the Panthers marks a pure commitment to Martz’s offense and look for it to be wide open and for it to be easy enough to run that even an Arena League QB can win the MVP and the Super Bowl with it, Cutler should excel.

Daniel Thomas, Running Back, Miami Dolphins-

This really isn’t much of a sleeper pick at all to me as Thomas figures to be in the top five or so rushers in the NFL but somehow a lot of the fantasy writers out there don’t acknowledge him so that leaves him for my list. Thomas is a 35 carry a game type of back who is the best back out the Big 12 conference since Ricky Williams. Sporano, Ireland, and the whole Miami clan are all disciples of Bill Parcells who get all hot and bothered about having a back like Thomas. Does anyone really think Miami let’s Ronnie Brown walk for nothing if they didn’t have something? Thomas is probably the only rookie running back worth drafting with the exception of….

Ryan Williams, Running Back, Arizona Cardinals-

After spending a first round pick on Beanie Wells just a few years ago the Cards used a second rounder to take Williams. If people don’t see the significance of that remember it was the Eagles taking of a QB in the second round that led to McNabb’s eventual exit as he vented publicly when it happened as even he knew it was the beginning of the end. Running backs just don’t go high in the NFL draft these days so the Williams pick was almost as high as they get, he’s in the plans in Arizona where the offense should be a little more open this season giving him some lanes to work with.

Kenny Britt, Wide Receiver, Tennessee Titans-

Britt was injured much of last year so if you have those people in your league who simply dump stats into a spread sheet this guy could fall through the cracks. While Seattle gave up on Matt Hasselbeck , we saw last season he still has something left in the tank and while it might not be forever, it’s an upgrade over where the Titans were last season at this point as it was the Kerry Collins show. Britt is simply gifted and a handful for any DB to cover. If Britt is your number two guy you are in good shape.

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