The NFL finally ironed out a new CBA and that means that there will be football this season.  This also means that there is going to be fantasy football.  Here’s my top 10 fantasy quarterbacks for the 2011 NFL season.

1. Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles—Vicks is coming off a huge year where he was able to run and pass all over almost every defense that he faced.  He’s got two speedy receivers that he can go to and there are talks about the Eagles bringing in Plaxico Burress.  If the Eagles land Burress, Vick is going to be in for a huge year.

Stats Prediction- 2,800 yds passing, 25 TD’s, 8 INT’s.  520 yds rushing, 7 TD’s.

2. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers – I could have put Rodgers as the number one quarterback but Vick brings more to the table with his unique speed.  Rodgers has a great fantasy season last year throwing for 28 touchdowns and rushing for 4 more TD’s.  He should put up similar numbers this year if not better.

Stats Prediction- 3,825 yds passing, 31 TD’s, 12 INT’s.  300 yds rushing, 5 TD’s.

3. Peyton Manning- Indianapolis Colts—Peyton is going to do what Peyton does.  Throw the ball a lot and complete a lot of passes to a whole slew of receivers.  We all know that Peyton doesn’t run much so don’t expect that to change.  He’s not going to have a superb season but he’ll be solid throughout the whole year.

Stats Prediction- 4,550 yds passing, 34 TD’s, 15 INT’s

4. Tom Brady- New England Patriots—Brady just got a new Pro-Bowl wide receiver named Chad OchoCinco to go along with Wes Welker.  His numbers last season were impressive throwing 36 touchdowns and only 4 picks.  Brady always seems to put up great fantasy numbers and I expect him to do the same this year.

Stats Prediction- 4,250 yds passing, 34 TD’s, 8 INT’s

5. Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints—I was hesitant to put Brees as the number 5 quarter back because Reggie Bush “took his talents to South Beach”.  But Brees is going to go out every Sunday and get it done no matter who he’s throwing the ball to.  He likes to spread the ball around to a lot of receivers like Peyton and that’s a good thing especially in points per reception leagues.  He did throw 22 picks last year but I’ve got a feeling that those will come down this season.

Stats Prediction- 4,440 yds passing, 29 TD’s, 14 INT’s

6. Philip Rivers- San Diego Chargers—As long as Vincent Jackson stays with the Chargers, Rivers is going to have a productive fantasy season.  He threw for over 4,700 yards last season and 30 touchdowns.  With Jackson and Gates as his two main targets, Rivers is going to get his 20+ touchdowns.  If San Diego’s other receivers can catch the ball in the red zone, Rivers is going to go for over 30 touchdowns this season.

Stats Prediction- 4,300 yds passing, 32 TD’s, 15 INT’s.  100 yds rushing, 3 TD’s.

7. Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons—WATCH OUT.  Matt Ryan is in for a big year.  The Falcons drafted play maker, run blocking wide receiver Julio Jones this year and this guy is going to help of Ryan big time.  To go a long with Jones, Ryan has Pro-Bowlers Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and Michael Turner to get the ball to.  Matty Ice had 28 touchdowns and 9 picks last year and I expect those touchdowns to get up into the high 30’s this season.

Stats Prediction- 4,000 yds passing, 35 TD’s, 11 INT’s. 200 yds rushing, 1 TD.

8. Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers—Big Ben has never really put up big time numbers but, he somehow manages to put fantasy points up.  Whether it’s with his legs or his arm he gets the ball into the end-zone.  He’s a solid option at the fantasy quarterback position if you can’t grab any of the top 7 QB’s.  With only 17 passing touchdowns last season I don’t expect him to throw for 30 TD’s this year but like I said he’s a solid quarterback option.

Stats Prediction- 3,550 yds passing, 19 TD’s, 10 INT’s.  225 yds rushing, 4TD’s

9. Matt Schaub- Houston Texans—This is Schaub’s season to prove himself as a top quarterback in the NFL.  With Arian Foster in the backfield defenses are going to be looking for the run more often which will lead to opportunities for Schaub to pass the ball to the best wide-out in the league, Andre Johnson.  Schaub’s 24 touchdowns last year was ok, but I’m expecting bigger numbers from him this season.

Stats Prediction- 4,500 yds passing, 31 TD’s, 14 INT’s

10. Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys—Romo had a terrible season last year and then he got injured.  This season is going to be up in the air for him production wise.  He has Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin to pass and that’s a pretty good trio.  If Romo can get the ball to these guys, he’ll also be a quality option if you can’t grab any of the other top ten quarterbacks.

Stats Prediction- 3,800 yds passing, 24 TD’s, 11 INT’s.

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