National League vs. American League

The MLB All Star game is not only a match up of the best players from the American and National League but it also plays a part in the World Series with the winner earning it’s representative home field advantage. I suppose it gives fans a decided rooting interest as they want their favorite team to have that edge and probably does increase interest.

As one would expect from a game of this magnitude there is a nice mixture of players that can hit for power, average and some with the speed to steal bases and in some cases all three with each roster sporting these type of players. The bottom line is both lineups are loaded with talent on the mound and at the plate. It’s difficult to pinpoint which team has the overall advantage with the starting nine generally going three innings before the substitutions begin.

Another problem is players sitting out with various injuries while the pitching is often a case of whether a guy is available or not and how long should a particular pitcher be left in. Some guys are coming off of starts and some are scheduled to throw immediately after the All Star break so innings and pitch counts have to be limited. In my view I think the starting lineup of the National League has a slight edge over their American League brethren but that edge if it even exists could be negated be negated because the starting pitching of the AL is dominant with a bevy of power arms that can eat up innings and record the ever so important strikeout. That’s not to say the National’s aren’t formidable on the mound but their advantage might be in the later innings with the better bullpen.

The American League has dominated this game before the NL won 3-1 last season for the first time since 1997. However, a long winning streak and winning convincingly are two separate things as five contests were decided by just a single run and one game was a tie. It’s also important to note that 15 players won’t appear because of various injuries with six pitchers unavailable because of starts this past weekend. I don’t think this is a game that is to be heavily bet because we really don’t know who will play and how long they’ll play. That said I always prefer pitching in this game and I think the National League have a slight edge.


National League -115 American League

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