SPORTSLESSWhy isn’t there a law requiring athletic teams, both professional and amateur, to construct rosters that more accurately reflect the racial breakdown of America?  Shouldn’t there be punishment for these organizations for not giving Asian, White, Native American, and Hispanic kids more opportunities to make millions of dollars playing around with a ball?  Its not fair, and something must be done!

For example, if the roster of an NBA franchise reflected the racial mix of this country, there would be 9 White, 3 Hispanic, and 2 Black players, along with a final roster spot to be given to a player of either Asian, Oceanic, or “Mixed” ethnicity, (Aren’t we all mixed?).  As it stands now, the current NBA roster percentages are 80% black, 19.9% white dudes with foreign accents, and Yao Ming.

Both college and professional sports organizations seem to have no problem fielding teams that are acute in their racial balance, yet they’ve become very concerned that there aren’t enough minority coaches.  In 2002, the NFL’s workplace diversity committee enacted a rule forcing that league’s teams to interview minorities for any head coaching vacancy.  College football’s BCA annually publishes a report card on the status of minority coaches.  MLB has taken this several steps further, not only requiring additional minority hiring for front office positions, but has also implemented a plan to “identify and attract minority businesses for utilization as suppliers of goods and services”.  What happened to free markets?

Its laughable and absurd that any organization would scrupulously examine one aspect of itself, yet turn a blind eye to the blatant imbalances in another.  Are they serious about making this an equal society or not?

By the way, in our current environment, in which a façade of political correctness has lead us to more and more ridiculous terms to mask any sign of perceived racism, the term minority no longer means a statistically small portion.  Asians (4%) and Jews (2%) are not considered minorities.  Apparently, being stereotyped as smart and successful trumps physical numbers of any ethnic group vying for the preferential treatment that comes with the coveted status called minority.

So why aren’t “majority” people raising hell about the injustices that are being perpetrated in American sports?  Is everyone so gagged by political correctness that they’ve become cowards?  Not me.  I’m starting an organization called NAAMS.  National Association for the Advancement of Majorities in Sports.

I used to champion the idea that any entity that hired people based on race was only shooting itself in the foot.  To succeed in a competitive environment, it is vital to hire only the most qualified individuals, regardless of race and gender.  Modern sports are a shining example of how this behavior can produce the finest quality product possible.  Just take a look at some old b/w footage of the NBA when all the players were white.  Now that teams hire players based purely on athletic talent, the game has evolved and has never been more entertaining.  The same goes for the NFL, MLB, and big time college basketball and football.

I actually thought that America had arrived at a fantastic milestone.  We have a black President, a female Secretary of State and a Vice President who appears to have a sleeping disease.  We’re even bending over backwards, cooking pork-free meals and providing prayer carpets to make prisoners of war feel comfortable.  We like to think we’re an open-minded society.  Lawyers for enemy combatants?  Open borders?  Morgan Freeman playing God in every-other movie?  We’ve come along way!  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  No longer would it be necessary for our government to force us to pretend to be color, gender and handicapped blind – We ARE!

Well, I was wrong.  The cold, hard reality is that every segment of our population has, and always will have an agenda: To topple those above them and acquire their power and wealth.  It is natural – We’re all Starless Belly Sneeches at heart, and I have no problem with revolutions, peaceful or otherwise.  However, what I don’t like is how we pick and choose when and where to cry foul.  Either we step back and allow natural laws to play out or we institute the same rules equally to every corner of our society.

Get ready for the 2nd coming of the Jewish power forward – NAAMS has arrived!  Game on.

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