Evaluating Starting Pitchers in Baseball Wagering

When it comes to betting on baseball one of the most important factors you need to analyze before betting on any game is the starting pitchers. There is much more to consider before betting on a game, but one of the most important things is to do some research on the starting pitchers in the game. There are many online resources where you can view stats of pitchers over the past few seasons and youll be able to find out some valuable information about the game.

The first thing you should look at is the pitchers ERA for the season. If one pitcher has a low ERA and the other pitcher has a high ERA then the team with the better pitcher will win this battle. You should consider the teams that each pitcher has played against because sometimes a pitcher may have played the worst teams whereas the other pitcher might of pitched against the best teams in the league which would sway the results.

The win-loss record of the pitcher for the season is another good stat to look at although its not quite a complete stat since in baseball a pitcher doesnt always get a decision in his games. You can definitely determine whether or not a pitcher is having a good season based on the win-loss record though and you should briefly check both pitchers record out before betting on the game.

The TRGS (Team Record in Games Started) is the stat that is one of the most important pitcher stats to analyze. Since pitchers dont always get a decision on there win-loss record it can be deceiving, but with the TRGS every game is counted. For instance if a team is tied and the pitcher leaves the game and gets a no-decision on his win-loss record and the team wins the game then the pitcher would get a win under the TRGS stat. A pitcher who is 10-5 win-loss record could be 15-5 or 10-10 when you use the TRGS stat. Look for pitchers where the win-loss record differs greatly from the TRGS and youll have found a good game to wager on.

Make sure you spend time looking over the starting pitchers before placing a baseball bet.  Baseball can be very profitable if you spend time and research and evaluate the starting pitchers correctly.  Sportsbook.com offers all this information on their website.  If you click on the team, all the stats are there at your disposable and can be quite helpful.

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