Sports Money Management Bet Sizes

Determining the appropriate bet size is difficult, but it’s not hard once you understand the basic concepts involved. The goal is to bet enough to maximize winnings while keeping plenty in reserve to withstand any potential losing streak. Because you could be the best handicapper in the world, but if you lose all your money during a bad run, you’re done, it’s that simple. You have to be conservative enough to keep yourself in action, during good times and bad. And the amount of your bankroll will determine your standard bet size. Few folks recommend this, but I think your percentage of bankroll that you should be willing to risk on each and every play does vary depending on the size of your bankroll.

Most bettors begin with a short bankroll, perhaps a few hundred dollars or a grand, somewhere in that range. For bettors with larger ‘rolls a standard play involves around 2%-3% of their bankroll. For example, with 10k to invest in sports betting, the standard wager size should be between $220 to win $200 or $330 to win $300. But if you only have $200 to begin with, betting 2% of your bankroll equals a $4 bet. Not much fun or excitement to win four bucks, nor much profit when you do win. That’s why, with lesser bankrolls, I’d advocate a more aggressive betting strategy for the short term; somewhere in the range of 5% – 7.5%. You have to be able to win something, and beginning bettors with this type of bankroll generally aren’t as concerned from the get-go about riding out a losing period. I would never recommend beginning to get involved with sportsbetting without a minimum of $500 in your bankroll, making a standard wager size in the $25 – $30 dollar range perfectly normal and acceptable for beginning bettors. It’s high enough to make some kind of profit and enjoy the fruits of your labors when you win, but you can ride out a bad week or two and still be in action.

The bottom line is this: don’t look for the quick score, because that’s when the odds really are against you. Professional bettors including myself don’t look for the 6-0 weekend. Rather, our goal is more like a 12-8 week, that coveted 60% winners to losers ratio. A $110 bettor who goes 12-8 for a week will return $320 on a total investment of $2200 for the week, about a 15% return. Ask any stock investor if they’d be happy with a 15% return for a week, and the answer is always s. If you can average that kind of return over the long term, and it is quite possible to do so, you’ll be betting and winning on sports for years to come, and enjoying the profits from your sports betting investment. Small, steady, regular profit over the long term can only be achieved with a solid money management system such as this one.

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