Major League Baseball Wagering Tips

With the start of the MLB season only a few days away Im sure many people are getting excited to wager on Americas national pastime.  Each day offers the lines of each and every baseball game.  Some tips to think about before placing those wagers are:

division rivalry game is always going to be a fierce battle on the baseball field and most of the time these games are real close. The value in division games is the underdog because since the rivalry will heat up in most games they will remain close.

aseball has seen a lot less runs scored over the past few seasons and thus many games are seeing much lower game totals. Look for value in games with either a low over/under or a high over/under and take advantage of them. I usually always bet under on game totals of 10.5 or more due to the percentages. If the game is lower then I need to look at the pitchers and offence for the two teams to make my decision. Also look at previous games from both teams and see what the final score was in them.

f you can find an over-achieving underdog playing against a struggling favorite then lock in the underdog bet as soon as you can. You wont be able to find these games often, but they do happen, so look for them and bet big on these games. Underdogs are always strong bets, but when their playing a struggling favorite it makes the bet even juicer.

hen you can find strong offenses that have been scoring runs every game on a consistent basis playing against a pitcher with a high ERA then bet on the team with the offence. These games can also be good for betting on team totals because generally a bad pitcher against a clicking offense spells lots of runs for one team

There are so many different factors and betting angles that you need to look at when betting on baseball, but the more you research the more you should win. Once you become familiar with the pitchers, players and teams you should be able to handicap games right as you see them. When you first start youll need to spend more time doing research, but it will all be worth it once you start making some money.

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