Super Bowl Prop Bets

Betting on which team will win the Super Bowl makes watching the game that much more exciting, but if you really want to step up the action you can choose to make a Super Bowl prop bet. The term “prop bet” is short for “proposition bet”, and this type of betting involves placing wagers on certain details of the game, such as which team will win the coin toss or which team will score the first touchdown. has plenty of op bets to choose from.  Here are three that I like for this years Super Bowl

Result of Ben Roethlisbergers first pass – The heavy favorite here is that it will be a completion. That makes sense; the offense will likely go for an easy, low risk pass to get into a zone early on. Given that you can get +175 on an incompletion, though, Im more than willing to go that way. There will be nerves early on, even for Roethlisberger who has won two Super Bowls in the last five years. Receivers will be on edge, too, and the crowd will be incredibly loud especially if the Steelers get the ball first. That all means that there is a decent chance that this bet pays off.

Bet-First Pass an Incompletion for Roethlisberger

Clay Matthews sacks er/under 0.5 – The der is paying +160, so Ill happily take it. Matthews has impressive sack numbers this year, but they are skewed by the fact that he had six in his first two games. He has still been pretty solid all year, but in his last nine games the er is just 4-5 against this total. There are some questions about his shin, and hes up against a QB that is harder than average to take down. The public loves sacks, and knows that Matthews is the biggest-name sack artist in the game, so they will be all over the er. That means that there is plenty of value in the der.

Bet-Under .5 sacks for Matthews

Will Mason Crosby miss a field goal? – The s side pays a very sweet +400, so Id love to be able to justify that. It turns out I can. He hit 22 of 28 on the season, and two of three in the playoffs, so he is far from perfect. He missed kicks in six of 19 games, so betting at this price on each game would have been nicely profitable. On top of that, he only attempted a field goal in one of the three-playoff games, and he missed it, so hes quite possibly going to be rusty. All in all, this price makes a lot of sense.

Bet- Yes Crosby will miss a field goal

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