Sit & Go Poker

Why Play Sit & Gos?

Sit & Go’s are a great way to earn a consistent profit and to keep your bankroll from the swings of cash games. One of the main reasons why I like sit & go’s is I believe there is a great skill in the strategy of playing sit and go’s. Sure you could be a great cash game player and win consistently but never seem to make the money in a sit & go.  Another reason why I like playing sit and go’s is that it’s tough to go on tilt. Usually if you end up about to tilt you’re knocked out already by a bad beat so you have that important 5-10 minutes to cool down and collect your thoughts.  In a cash game after taking a tough beat you are thrown into a hand within seconds and don’t have time to recoup and calm down.

What style of poker should I play?

Overall your goal is to play a tight solid game and only put chips out there for a reason and when you’re confident you’ll win the pot.  You’re playing your cards, but more importantly the situation. I don’t care what you have, whether it’s 7-2 or pocket aces, you play the hand according to the situation not because some book told you to raise all the way with pocket aces.  In sit and go’s it’s not about the cards, it’s about the situations. If you want to improve your sit and go game you need to listen and prepare to change your game up.  I don’t care if you always raise with aces, or never lay down aces, you need to change your game or you’re never going to improve.  So to sum it up, I guess there’s no set style of play or a name for it, you’re playing tight and being a hawk, waiting for the best situations to swoop in and pick up the chips.

What buy in sit and go should I play?

I would suggest you have at least 20x the buy in of the sit and go in your bankroll.  No matter how good you are you’re going to go through stages of losses and you need a bankroll to sustain the swings.

Go to and try out your skill in these sit and go games.  They are a lot of fun to play and does not take as long as the multi-table tournaments.

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