A Look Forward to March Madness

The NCAA Mens Division I Basketball Championship is just weeks away better known as March Madness to the rest of us!   Signup for a sportsbook.com account now and start making some money before March actually rolls in.  One of the big changes for the 2011 March Madness tournament is the new rst Four mini-tournament that will decide the sixteenth seed teams to face the first seed teams in the initial round of the tournament proper. This rst Four tournament will pit the four lowest seeded conference champions against four at-large teams to be picked last from the bubble. The hope is that this will lead to a more exciting early tournament for the top seeded teams, as first seeded teams in the past have usually faced champions from weaker conferences that hardly have a place in the March Madness tournament. While this change will certainly shine a spotlight on the lower seeded teams, bettors obviously have a lot of interest in the likely top seeded teams.

The top March Madness teams should be Duke, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Ohio St., Texas, San Diego St. and UConn. With so many action packed March Madness games on the horizon, there will be several games that will grab your attention. The NCAA March Madness tournament is soon to get started and you know how exciting these games are. Imagine how great watching them will be when you have money riding on it.  As with anything worth doing, you must put a little bit of effort to get a return.  Most basketball sports bettors can make some solid winnings if they do their homework. Staying in touch with the game is essential to successful March Madness basketball betting. So many different things contribute to team performances. From inexperienced players, injuries, home-court advantage and the list goes on. If you are into basketball betting, you better keep yourself informed if you would like to be successful in winning your basketball bets.  At sportsbook.com you will find the best March Madness basketball odds, along with different prop bets and betting on who you think will win the championship game.

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