The Milwaukee Bucks Vs The Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia.

The 76ers are predicted to win over the Bucks, with a five point spread on the matchup. The game is predicted with an over/under at 187.5. I believe, considering the teams recent performances, the overall score will be under this mark. However, despite the 76ers predicted edge over the Bucks, with their recent struggles at home and mediocre performances from their stars I have the Bucks pulling out a close victory in this matchup, beating the 76ers and the betting spread.

Although the Bucks recently lost to the San Antonio Spurs even after a full day of rest after a postponed game in Atlanta, I believe they have the edge in this game because frankly not many people can beat the Spurs right now and holding them to 91 points isnt all that bad. Both teams are slightly struggling right now but with Andre Boguts recent rebounding statistics for the Bucks and several other consistent performances from Milwaukee, they should be pulling an upset at home against Philadelphia.

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