Steelers defeat Ravens

Yesterday we saw the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens face each other across the field for the third time this season. The first quarter of the game was one of pass interference calls and cheap shots taken by the Steelers.

The Steelers drew blood first with a running touchdown by Mendenhaul that put the Steelers on the board. The Ravens scored as well, with a rushing touchdown of their own.

The Ravens then scored again, hitting Big Ben, effectively causing a fumble.

Now the Steelers are down 14 to 7 in the Ravens favor.

The second quarter didn’t exactly turn things around for th Steelers, in fact, let’s just say this quarter belonged to the Ravens. The Ravens defensive team put the pressure on **Rothesburger** and squeezed The Ravens effectively caused another fumble by the Steelers, and they took that ball right on down to the end-zone, giving the Ravens 14 points, all scored via turnover.

Topping off the quarter, the Steelers miss a field goal, a short, completely achievable field goal, closing the first half out 21 to 7.

Whatever the coaching staff said to these guys over half time must have been effective as the third quarter didn’t go anything at all like the first two. The Steelers owned quarter three.

Two out of three turnovers during this quarter resulted in touchdowns for the Steelers.  Heading into the fourth it truly appeared as though the Steelers were on their way to sealing this game up. But, as it happens in most NFL events, just when you’re sure the Ravens can’t recover, the momentum shifts, the crowd really gets into the game, and we see the Terrible Towels.

By the end of the third quarter, the game was tied up. There’s no shortage of heat, and temperature, as well as plain old unbridled temper seems to be getting the better of a few of the players on the field.

The Steelers scored a field goal and a touchdown in the fourth, the Ravens only scored a field goal, the Steelers took the win, the final score was Steelers, 31-24.

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