Playing e Bubble On-line Poker Strategy

The bubble is the stage in an online poker tournament where the last player that must leave the table will go home with nothing while the rest of the players are in the money. If youre playing a Sitn’Go with 10 players the first three usually are getting paid while the fourth place gets nothing. The bubble at a 10-player Sitn Go table takes place with four players. Log on to to win at poker.

The passive approach- the bubble you want to avoid elimination so badly because if you go broke you will go home with nothing. Thats why its reasonable not to play any hands, avoid any confrontations and wait until the next player has to leave the tournament. If other players do you this favor you can win money with folding. ut this sounds easier than it is. What if everybody else is also playing passively and you dont have a big chip stack? Then youre in trouble and the likelihood of getting eliminated due to increasing blinds is high. laying passively only makes sense when you either have a big stack so you can afford to wait, or your opponents are playing aggressively and wildly. Then its just a matter of seconds when the next one quits the tournament.

The aggressive approach–st of the time the aggressive approach is way better. Not only can you put pressure on your passive opponents and surviving the bubble but you can also increase your chip stack thus increasing your chance to win the tournament. ut be cautious! You must not play wildly just to be aggressive. You have to select your aggression properly and put the pressure on passive opponents. Pay attention to your risk. Dont risk your whole stack and make small attempts to steal pots. No matter how many chips you have: if you cant select your aggression properly you can always be the bble boy who goes home with nothing.

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