Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Jets: AFC Conference Championship

The New York Jets have for the most part pulled off the upset by defeating the New England Patriots. The jets will now go on to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh but being on the road is to the advantage of the Jets.

Included into that equation is the fact the Jets defeated the Steelers December 19, 22 to 17 however as a  side note there was no Troy Polamalu.

The Jets and Steelers match up well and both play slow ball. Neither team puts  big numbers on the score board and both have good defense’s. For the jets there is no emotional quest like they have against the new England Patriots. Here is a break down of both the Steelers and the Jets.

Points scored on average by the  Steelers 23.4 the new York Jets just less than that at 22.9 in fact, if we round both those numbers to their nearest whole number, we have… two evenly matched teams here.

The steelers are ranked (12) and the Jets (13) in passing Pittsburgh with 225.1 ranked 14 the new York Jets 202.6 rank( 21) passing favors the Steelers. Rushing favors the New York Jets 148.4 (4) the Steelers 120.2 (11).

So what will the difference be for the two teams; defense. The Steel curtain revived has allowed only 14.5 pts per game ranked (1) the jets allow 19 ranked (6). The defense advantage that favors the jets is passing Pittsburgh gives up 214.1 rank (12) the Jets 200.6 (6). On stopping the run it is to the Steelers only allowing 62.8 (1) followed by the Jets 90.9 rank (3).

Now it is time for both teams to either win or go home. the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Ravens but the new York Jets on the road have put to rest The Indianapolis Colts and now the number 1 seed New England Patriots and even though the jets are playing in Pittsburgh it is my opinion that the Jets should be favored but if the Jets rest on just beating the Patriots it will be a long game for them.

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