NFL Playoffs: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

The Chicago Bears will face division rival, The Green Bay Packers yet again,  and this time a trip to the Super Bowl is on the line. The Bears and the Packers have had tough games between each other this year but it has been the Packers who have come out the victor in most matchups thus far.

In the first match up Green Bay was at Chicago. We saw  Greenbay take the win 17-20. During that game, Aaron Rodgers threw for 316 yards and Jay Cutler only managed to toss that pigskin 37 yards, I’ve seen pop warner players throw more yardage in a game personally.

In game number two  Green Bay needed to win to make the post season. This time the score ended at  10-3. Aaron Rodgers thew for  229 yards in this meeting.

A little bit of history between the Packers and the Bears the last time they met in a playoff Conference championship it was 1941. In fact, it was December  14th,  seven days after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The Bears won that game 33-14.

This will be only the second time these division teams will meet for the conference championship to fight one another for a shot at the 2011 NFL Superbowl.

Stats wise the Bears are not looking real impressive; that is on paper but in the game, well lately things have been different. Chiago Bears are the division Champs and have a great staff set in the coaching department. Green Bay stats wise is also not lookin’ real impressive  but the cheeseheads play the game well and well enough to shatter the Falcons dreams of the Super Bowl.

The bears will not be the same team the Packers have faced in the past two games. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers has said he was glad to not play in the cold when playing in Atlanta’s Dome but he will be back in the cold again. It will be a bears offensive line that will make or break the game for them and protecting Jay Cutler as they did against the Seattle Seahawks; protection. The Bears D will have to put it on Rodgers early, get him rattled.

The games during season one could throw them out but this is season two of the NFL. The Packers have not had a break and momentum favors no one. The Bears had a bye and it appears to have helped them, it’s  added to their strength the Packers may be wearing out but had a impressive win. the bears should defeat the Packers by 7.

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