Make the Appropriate Bet in Poker

The other night I found myself in Atlantic City playing Poker.  First, let me tell you that Im strictly an on-line player that plays on and plays mostly multi-table tournament.  But, Im with a friend and we sit do down at a $2/$4 No Limit Holdem table.

After settling in for a while, I decide to play one of those speculative hands I like to play in a cash game, queen-jack of hearts.  I scanned the table and notice a raise at the far end of the table. When the action came to me, I asked the dealer, ats the raise? I was quickly stunned when she replied, 4 to go.

, I said as I did a double take and looked at the dealer plate. It said, /$4 No Limit Holdem, $400 maximum buy-in. Needless to say, I reluctantly slid that Q-J towards the dealer and into the muck. I looked over at one of my tablemates and he said, ats not uncommonn fact, the raises can sometimes be even bigger, and my brain went into overdrive as I processed this information.

The point Im trying to make here is, whether you are playing online or in a live game, you have to make the appropriate sized bet rather than an outrageous one. Whether youre playing for nickels and dimes at the micro-stakes online or youre playing in the largest cash games in Las Vegas, making the appropriate bet will, in the long-run, be the more profitable move than making a super large bet that runs everyone off the table.

The main purpose of a pre-flop raise is to state to the table, have a hand that I like. It is not meant to discourage action on the table. In fact, when you have aces or kings, you actually want players to come along with you. Even though your odds fall off in a multi-way pot, you can be safely assured that, prior to the flop, youre in good shape and can make appropriate decisions post-flop.

By putting in a five, six, seven, or even eight times the blind raise, you are discouraging any action for your premium holdings and, as such, denying yourself the chance to make a profit from the pot. By making the standard raise, you are making your statement and maximizing your potential for a nice takedown.

Making the appropriate sized bet for the game that youre playing is critical to success on the felt, whether it is virtual or live. By over-betting pre-flop, you are only hurting yourself in the long-run.  I would love to see you all on-line with me at absolute poker.

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