Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

As the NFL playoffs start many have turned their eyes towards the match up between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers. The game is a rematch of a game played the first week of the NFL season. In that match up Kevin Kolb started for the Eagles and suffered a concussion. This ushered in the Michael Vick era and started one of the NFL’s most compelling storylines of the season.

Most have the Eagles beating the Packers by a ten point spread. However, the Eagles have played three games in the course of twelve days. In addition since their dismantling of the NY Giants in the Miracle at the New Meadowlands, the team has looked stale. Desean Jackson was neutralized by the Minnesota Vikings that had already been eliminated from playoff contention. And Michael Vick,who had been electrifying, seems to have been short circuited by the Vikings defense. Vick was banged up in the game and left the field and post game press conference visibly limping and in pain.

This may shut down his ability to run . Top this off with the fact that Kevin Kolb was started by coach Andy Reid in the season finale. Kolb took numerous hits and if he needs to come in for Vick in the playoffs , the Eagles will be in trouble. On the other side of the field is a red hot Packers team that had to claw its way into the playoffs. The team has already put the Eagles away once this year and is looking to do it again.

The Eagles have a bad offensive line that is normally covered up by Vick’s ability to make a play happen. He doesn’t run because he wants to, he is running for his life because the pocket collapses. The smart bet is on the Packers regardless of what the odds makers say. They will beat the spread and come out with a Vicktory over the Eagles.

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