The NFC is favored by 1-point over this AFC is this year Pro Bowl played in Hawaii, with the over/under listed at 64.   NFL football betting fans will need to watch and enjoy this years Pro Bowl because, along with Super Bowl XLV, it could be one of the last NFL football games for a very long time. The NFL may be interrupted by a labor strike next season but, in the meantime, there are still two more NFL games this year. The Pro Bowl promises to be very exciting this year.

Ever since the NFL moved the Pro Bowl to the week between the Championship games and the Super Bowl, people have been worried that the best talent in the league is playing in the Super Bowl and not in the Pro Bowl. For the AFC, that is not the case this season. While the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers are a great offensive unit, none of them played to a pro bowl level this year. The three best quarterbacks in the league will be playing for the AFC; Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers.

Defense is where NFC will have an edge over the AFC. Troy Polamalu was supposed to start at safety for the AFC, but his Super Bowl appearance makes him unavailable. James Harrison will also not be available to start at linebacker for the AFC, which takes away some of the intimidation factor. Terrell Suggs takes over for Harrison at starting linebacker. Suggs is a great player, but not nearly the hitter that Harrison is. In the Pro Bowl, that may be a good thing.

If you like watching good wide receivers play against good secondary players, and then you will love this Pro Bowl. It should be fun to watch but, in the end, the NFC should be able to shut down the passing game of the AFC and walk away with a win. The Pro Bowl is all about airing out the football and stopping the pass. The AFC has the advantage in airing out the ball, but the NFC has the advantage in shutting that passing game down.  I will take the NFC to win and I will also take the under 64.



Under 64

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