Dallas Cowboys Vs Injured Mike Vick and The Philadelphia Eagles – Week 17

The Dallas Cowboys were one of the teams that fans, punters, and those in the know picked in the beginning to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Instead of shining bright though, they turned out to be plain old dirt kick’n cow pokes.

As of late however, the team seems to be turning things around, playing good football and might even have a shot at redeeming their season by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles this week. This is as much due to the recently decrepit state of the Eagles star QB Mike Vick as it is to due with the Cowboys playing well.

The Eagles will be playing for the top seed in the NFC if the Falcons lose. The worst the Eagles could finish is third seed. The Atlanta Falcons play in the morning and the Eagles play in the afternoon. The Eagles game plan could hinge on what the Falcons and the Buccaneers do.

The Cowboys will most assuredly look to put the hits on the Eagles quarter back Mike Vick. Will Coach Reid risk Vick in such a way? My guess is that the extra aggression shown toward Vick or the possibility of such a thing may cause coach Reid to not play Vick as much as he normally would. I would take the Cowboys to beat the Eagles regardless for the Dallas Cowboys there is no post season but would like to end a rocky season on a high note I’ll be betting on the boys.

As of yet, Sportsbook.com doesn’t show any odds for this game.

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